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Pitching Your Business

In business you may find that you need to pitch your business idea to variety of individuals, such as potential clients, prospective staff, business partners, investors, suppliers, landlords, and other key stakeholders.

In general terms, the purpose of the pitch is to articulate your business idea in order to obtain some form of support, and in order to be successful there is a lot you need to consider. Watch our 'Pitching for Business' video to learn more on what makes a good and bad pitch and develop your own plan for an effective business pitch.

Northern Lights

Starting Your Business
'Growth' Stage

Having established the business the entrepreneur needs to think about a strategy for growth. This growth could be financial, strategic or could involve expanding into new markets. In either case, deciding whether to grow the business and how to do it is a critical decision for the entrepreneur.

Problem Solving

In the world of business we can expect and encounter problems on a daily basis, and clearly some of these problems will be more complicated than others. Whether you are working in your own business or for an organisation, problem solving is still an essential skill in today's marketplace.

This video examines how enterprising people apply problem-solving techniques to overcome obstacles and key opportunities. At the end of this video, you will firstly be able to explain the different types of problems which the enterprising individual may face, explain some of the approaches and techniques which can be applied to problem solving, and you should also be able to reflect on your own problem solving style and capabilities through practical activities.

Pricing Strategies

Pricing strategy is an area of business that a lot of individuals struggle with. Whilst there are numerous strategies that a business can employ in terms of pricing, each has their own implications for your profit margin and whichever one you choose, it's vital that you employ the right strategy for your business model at the right time.

for the SME

The nature and extent of support available to those starting and growing their own business in Scotland, falls largely into four main categories. In this video, we discuss business advice, networking opportunities, funding and incubation. 

In Scotland, the environment of which providers of business support operate is often referred to the enterprise network and this is simply a diverse mix of private, public and third-sector stakeholders with some interest in encouraging business start-up and growth.

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