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 Social Shifters 

Want to make change in the world?

Have a great idea that solves a social or environmental problem, but don’t know where to start? Want to create change, but don’t have an outlet?


Whatever change you want to make; it doesn’t happen without help. That help starts here!

The University of the West of Scotland and Kick Start are partnering up with Social Shifters - empowering you to explore, start, and grow your ideas. 


Get FREE access to specialist digital learning resources and for those ready to take the next steps, we provide one-to-one on campus start-up advice.



Social Shifters aims to support and grow change activity in universities across the UK, because all change starts with one thing — an idea. Whether you want to solve local or global problems, Social Shifters enables you to explore, start, and grow ideas that can change the world.

Our time for change is now.
Be part of the social shift.


 What's Involved? 

Steps to Start-up




Got a burning idea that will change our world but don’t know how to get it off the ground? We can help. Steps to Start-up is an e-learning launchpad programme for social and environmental entrepreneurs - and it’s available to you now for free. If you’ve spotted an opportunity for change and are ready to take your idea to the next level, you’ll quickly learn how to do just that in Steps to Start-up.


Maybe you want to know how to better define your social or environmental problem; discover how to build support for your cause; where to find your customers; or maybe you are interested in learning more about socially/environmentally focused business models?


The Steps to Start-up E-learning program is made up of x8 easy to follow, video-based courses with everything you need to know about social purpose business start-up:


  • Course 1: Defining the Problem

  • Course 2: Planning Your Social Impact

  • Course 3: Building Support for Your Cause

  • Course 4: Testing Your Ideas on a Small Scale

  • Course 5: Finding Your Customers

  • Course 6: Designing Your Business Model

  • Course 7: Securing the Funding

  • Course 8: Getting Ready for Take-Off


Whether you want to solve local or global problems - Steps to Start-up will take you quickly from idea to entrepreneur!


If you would like to find out more information about the Steps to Start-up, then download the Steps to Start-up Digital Launchpad


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One-to-One Support



At UWS, we are here to support you to develop your entrepreneurial skills, your ideas, and help to grow your business. If you have an idea to change the world, need support to develop it and get it ready for launch, then we can help with one-to-one support.


We have partnered with Social Shifters to empower you to explore, start, and grow your social or environmental business idea, helping you to get to the next level in your innovation journey. You can contact us here directly and from there, our team will be in touch with how we can support you.


Depending on what stage you are at, you can access one-to-one support through the Social Shifters programme from a specialist advisor from First port, Scotland’s agency for start-up social enterprises. This is designed to support you throughout your start-up journey and help get your social or environmental business idea out into the world!


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