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 Demola   Scotland 

Demola is a global community of university students, organisations, and foresight experts, all driven by the desire to create impact with meaningful topics. Demola Global is a not-for-profit organisation founded in Finland which runs innovation challenges with large and SME companies across 23 countries. It has facilitated over 5000 successful projects globally resulting in new jobs and increased export sales for participating companies. Demola Global’s role in the project is to help the businesses identify their main innovation challenges and to use their proven methodology to provide effective solutions to the challenges.

The University of the West of Scotland and Demola Global jointly launched the Demola Scotland programme. With Demola, the most motivated and talented generation Z representatives of Scotland work in globally distributed teams, designing foresight scenarios and creating positive change in the world. The aim of the programme is to help Scottish businesses and organisations to build future-proof strategies and international growth. 

 What's Involved? 
  • Eight-week project

  • Multidisciplinary teams of talented university students

  • Learn new skills and put ideas and values into action

  • Project results ownership (IPR)

  • New learning experience - Inspiring methods and frameworks for industry -academia collaboration

 Who Can Apply? 

We are inviting all kinds of students: from PhDs to bachelors, from human sciences and arts to engineering and business, and everything between. Globally, our team members represent the following student distribution: PhD 7%, Master’s 56%, Bachelor’s 37%.

We are looking for people with the right mindset. People with curiosity to understand and find out. People with optimism, believing that different possibilities exist but might not yet have been discovered. People with perseverance, not giving up when facing a dead end and forced to return to the drawing table. People with empathy, having the ability to set aside their own assumptions and genuinely engage with others.

 What Projects are Available? 

Demola works with a variety of companies and organisations that operate in different fields from humanitarian work to quantum physics. Students from all backgrounds can find a match from our innovation challenge selection.


There are various projects that students can choose from that fit within a wide variety of categories. Students must firstly apply to Demola and then select an available project that they wish to participate in, from the list projects that are available at that time. Projects fall under the following categories:

  • Society & Culture

  • Environment & Earth Resources

  • Emerging Technologies

  • Better Life & Well-being

  • Data

  • Economy


Demola are recruiting UWS students and recent graduates into our new Demola Programme.


Demola is not just a project you finish during your studies. In Demola you become a member and get the opportunity to create important connections for life. You will learn and receive the following benefits by participating in Demola projects:

  • The ability to identify meaningful information in the middle of noise

  • To be able to think and act like a future designer

  • Interdisciplinary teamwork experience

  • Ownership of project execution

  • Formal Demola certificate/token

  • Skills development opportunities

Each project will last 8 weeks, and you will be required to commit a minimum of 10 hours per week.


Each project will consist of both online and face-to-face sessions at our UWS campuses in Scotland and London.

Confirmed Project Topics

Glasgow Cohort:

Topics TBC​

How to Apply


If you are interested in getting involved in Demola and being part of our UWS cohort, then please apply on their website by selecting one of the Glasgow/London topics.


If you have any questions then contact the Demola team directly through their website, or you can contact our UWS team at

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