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  Kick Start 
  Student Innovation 

Kick Start is a student innovation programme designed by the University of the West of Scotland, which goes beyond classroom-based learning, focusing on providing students with the knowledge and skillset to recognise that innovation and entrepreneurship is a powerful way to implement change within their chosen sectors. We are calling all students who are interested in something different, who are keen to unleash those creative, innovative, and unique ideas whilst developing a reusable skillset that will be beneficial for the future. 

 Our Mission 

To ignite, elevate and engage the next wave of leaders for the future, through skills development, innovation, and entrepreneurship. We want to help expand your ideas, build up your creative confidence and innovate your ambitions through workshops, competitions and accelerator programmes.

 Contact Us 

If you have any questions or comments about our Kick Start Programme/activities, then please get in touch below.


Main Contact:

Emma McColvin

Student Innovation Coordinator

 Programme   Activities 


As part of our programme, Kick Start host a series of workshops which focus on various topics that relate to innovation and entrepreneurship. Our workshops aim to provide attendees with new knowledge, skills, experiences and to prepare them with the right tools in order to develop their business ideas. Previously, we have held workshops which have focusing on Idea Generation, Creativity and Innovation and Business Modelling – with guest speakers attending from UWS and external organisations including Demola, Novosound and i4 Product Design.


Business Idea Competition

Enter our Kick Start Business Idea Competition! The aim of the competition is to foster a spirit of enterprise by encouraging students who may have an idea for a business but have not yet had the time to develop it.  You do not have to be seriously thinking of taking the idea forward commercially, instead look at this as an opportunity to consider your idea in a bit more detail and gain valuable early feedback. Although should you want to take your idea forward then we will help you to do that.

Big cash prizes will be up for grabs, and much more!

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Accelerator Programme - Elevator UK

In partnership with leading academic institutions - University of Aberdeen, University of Dundee and University of the West of Scotland - this programme acts as a launch pad for those who have ideas with real potential but need support with making the business case.

You will work closely with mentors and industry experts to test, research, develop and refine their ideas, taking them from concept to viable business plans.

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Kick Start 3-Minute Pitching Competition

The Kick Start 3-minute Pitch Competition challenges students and recent graduates (within the last 2 years), to present a short but compelling spoken presentation on their business idea and its desirability, feasibility, and viability. The competition focuses on the idea itself and there is no expectation that the student will start-up a business around this, however if you want to take your idea forward then we can support you. This is an academic competition which has been developed by the Kick Start and Enterprise team from the University of the West of Scotland and is powered by our partners Converge.

Big cash prizes will be up for grabs, and much more!

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